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Plea bargaining

    The United States Supreme Court has recognized that plea bargaining is constitutional so it appears that its use will continue to be how most felony criminal cases are resolved. With that being said, many Americans criticize the current practice of plea bargaining and believe that reforms can and should be made to plea bargaining. What reforms should be made to the current way that plea bargaining exists?

    Make sure in your research paper that you provide scholarly support for whatever reforms you propose. Scholarly sources are books and journal articles. Remember to make sure that the primary support for your reforms is scholarly sources. Your research paper must contain a minimum of eight full typewritten pages of text. You must cite scholarly sources (that is, books and/or journal articles) to support your presentation of information. Whenever possible, which is most of the time, you should use direct quotations (rather than paraphrasing) from original sources (rather than secondary sources).

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