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-10 slides + 10min speech notes try not to put too much words in the slides.

-Please do it in simplest english possible

-This assignment includes review, synthesis, and summary of articles from the international public policy and management literature. The focus of this assignment will be on understanding the policy issues, analyses, models, concepts, and findings contained in the selected article and on how the findings might be applied and their potential limitations and implications.

– should focus their efforts on analyzing and synthesizing the material AND on presenting it clearly, in a professional and analytical manner. Highly developed/formatted PowerPoint presentations are not necessary—rather students may cut and paste key tables and exhibits directly from the article.

The presentation should include the following topics:

  • problem/issue/questions analyzed and/or the hypothesis
  • models and/or concepts included in the study
  • data, methods, variables — dependent and independent
  • key findings* and limitations
  • implications – management and/or policy *As part of the presentation:
  • Present, summarize and discuss at least one table/exhibit from the paper.
  • Present at least one key finding of the paper and its policy and/or management implications.


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