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The topic is The motivation of learning.&nbspChapter 1 Introd

    The topic is The motivation of learning. Chapter 1: IntroductionA three or so page introduction of the topic that leads into the rationale. A half page discussion of why the study is important. A well thought out sentence or two describing the problem you will be studying. The question you will be investigating. The limits of your study. Define any key terms that are specific to your study here. You should use operational definitions which are your own definition which the literature has informed. You then site these sources.Chapter 2: Review of Relevant LiteratureYou will develop an outline describing each section that would be included in a literature review. In your outline go to three levels of explanation.Chapter 3: MethodologyResearch design: Describe the research method you will be using for this study.(qualitative)Describe the sample you will be using for your study. Describe how you will collect and analyze data.

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