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The steps of this exercise1.&nbsp Read the assigned essay, âF

    The steps of this exercise:1.  Read the assigned essay, âFinding Other Heroes.â At least once, read from the beginning all…The steps of this exercise:1.  Readthe assigned essay, “Finding Other Heroes.” At least once, read fromthe beginning all the way to the end, then stop. As you read, try tounderstand the text two ways at once, paying attention to what theessayist is saying and to how he or she conveys that idea.2.  Annotatethe text. Mark phrases or images that strike you as interesting orimportant in some way. Think about the way the essayist uses language toconvey ideas. But most important, record your thoughts about what youare reading. Make marginal notes or keep a reading journal.3.  Summarizethe essay. A summary (reader-based) will be tasked with accounting forthe content of the essay. Think: what is the essay saying?4.  Reconstructthe essay. A reconstruction (writer based) will be concerned with howthe essay employs rhetoric to work on the reader. Think: how is theessay saying its message?Details of this exercise:1.  Your summary should be about 100 words (no more than one ¾ double-spaced typed page)2.  Your reconstructionshould be thorough and encompass as many rhetorical strategies from thereadings you can identify, and its length will reflect its content. (nomore than ½ double-spaced typed page) Youwill type the summary and reconstruction using MLA format. You mustinclude a “works cited” list because you will be discussing the essay.If you quote key phrases or clauses from the essay, parentheticaldocumentation is also required.

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