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The Scale and Diversity of the Hospitality Industrya. Produ

    The Scale and Diversity of the Hospitality Industrya. Produce a booklet, identifying the following types of hospitality business located in your area :(i) One hotel of your choice. State whether it is a budget/economy property or part of a brand chain operation. State any relevant star rating.(ii) One pub, bar or nightclub with which you are familiar.(iii) One type of restaurant of your choice.(iv) One hospitality service company in operation.(v) One contract food service provider in operation.(vi) One membership club with which you are familiar.(vii) One events business in operation.b. In the booklet, explain for each of the identified businesses its size and the scale of each operation.c. Write a report which provides evidence linking the type of business to the facilities, products and services offered. Use appropriate examples from the hospitality industry at national level.

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