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The research analysis using a matrix to inform about the research

    This is an assignment that focuses on the research analysis using a matrix to inform about the research. The paper also contains various guidelines to use in the assignment.,The research analysis using a matrix to inform about the research,PART 1: RESEARCH/ANALYSIS DOCUMENTATION – SEE MATRIX/WRITE-UP ON DOTED FOR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS, To better understand your building, you will research, visit, and interpret your site. Time will be given in class each week to research, share, and discuss information with your classmates. Use the matrix (posted on doted) to inform and focus your research and analysis. In general, your research will include all of the following:,1. Firstly, BASIC INFORMATION – who built/designed it, for whom, where, and why?, 2. Secondly, SIMILAR WORKS – Other examples (if they exist) of works completed by same designer, 3. Thirdly, SITE – Where was it built why? What else is near?, 4. Fourthly, HISTORICAL CONTEXT – what was going on locally when this work was built? How is this building connected to larger social, political, and/or eonomical conditions at the time?, 5. ,PHOTODOCUMENTATION, – both historical, over time, and current, 6. ARCHITECTURAL STYLE (S) – interior and exterior, 7. INTERIORS (if applicable) – furnitures, textiles, 8. PROGRAM/PLAN – what was the program when first built? How did the floor plan reflect it?, 9. FOLKLORE – interesting tales, Noir histories, use in popular culture, etc.,PART 2: WRITING ASSIGNMENT: BUILDING COMPARISONS – SEE WRITE-UP ON DOTED FOR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS, For this writing assignment, choose a topic or area of focus that illuminates what is interesting and also unique about your building. Select a reading from the course (post midterm unless approved by instructor) and another building to which you can compare it to. Lastly, your finished analysis should take the form of a 1-2 page written essay.,1.     ARCHITECTURAL STYLE (interior and/or Exterior), 2.     MATERIALS/CONSTRUCTION, 3.     DETAILS (Interior/Exterior) – Ornament,Additionally, ensure that all the above aspects are in the assignment. Also, include references of the sources you are going to use.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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