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The primary goal of your writing assignment is to reflecton

    The primary goal of your writing assignment is to reflecton what you have learned about your online college readiness as aresult of this class and how you will use this knowledge to succeed infuture courses. Note: To pass this Student Success Orientation, you must address both self-reflection questions below.Step One: Use Microsoft Word to write a two-paragraph essay that addresses the following self-reflection questions:Paragraph One: Whatstrengths do you bring to online learning? What are some of thechallenges that you may face in online learning? To help formulate yourresponse to these questions, reflect on the results of your StudentReadiness Questionnaire and the discussions with your instructor andpeers. Paragraph Two: What are twoof the most important things you learned in this orientation that youthink will help you succeed in your future courses? Explain how will youapply this new knowledge in order to be successful at

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