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The goal of this project is to describe how you would implem

    The goal of this project is to describe how you would implement a major program of organizational change as if you were a senior leader of the company, using one of the following approaches: Subject: Improving the hiring process of South West Airlines and how offering new customer based incentives will improve sales. The main topic of the paper should include how a new selection of employees will improve productivity based off of the new employees by applying the Proper application of TQM initiative. Must include a detailed description on why TQM fits your current state of your target company, and how this can impact leadership leadership, culture, and so on. The final paper outline has been attached. It contains the grading rubric for your reference on how the paper should be constructed.See attached file APA formatted using double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font. APA formatted title and reference pages. The suggested page length is 6-12 pages, excluding title, abstract, or reference pages. Normal headings Use of bullets acceptable, where appropriate. The entire work should not be bullets though. Graphics are fine as long there are not too many Citations in APA standard format. A minimum of 3 separate citations is required. In addressing the questions posed, it is preferable that your paper “flow” as a coherent narrative, rather than organizing your paper around the questions; embed your responses to the questions in the paper.APA references have also been attached. see attached file Total Quality Management Initiative (TQM)Six SigmaContinual Quality Improvement (CQI)Organizational LearningKaizenSystems Thinking You will select a large company, one for which it is easy to get information to study via web based resources. Examples include Apple, Dell, GM, etc The requirements for your paper are: Research the initiative you select and the business. What is at issue here is how to affect large scale organizational change. What is the company you selected doing in this regard? Answer/address these questions: a)What is meant by TQM, Six Sigma or CQI?b)What specific goals do you hope to achieve with this program? For example, improve Return on Investment, Market Share, reduction in errors, etcc)How will these goals be measured? d)How will the program be implemented? e)How will the company be structured to achieve these results? f)How will “buy-in” by the employees be gained? g)What is the role of leadership/management in the implementation of TQM? Discuss the implications for organizational culture

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