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The following is an account of one employees introduction

    The following is an account of one employee’s introductionto a new job:It was my first job out of high school. After receiving a physicalexam and a pamphlet on benefits, I was told by the manager about dangersinvolved in the job. But it was the old-timers who explained what was reallyexpected of me.The company management never told me about the work environmentor unspoken rules. The old-timers let me know when I could take breaks andwhich supervisors to avoid. They told me how much work I was supposed to do andwhich supervisor to see if I had a problem.1.  To whatextent should a small firm use “old-timers” to help introduce new employees tothe workplace? Is it inevitable that newcomers will look to old-timers to findout how things really work?2. How would you rate this firm’s orientations effort?What are its strengths and weakness?3. Assume that this firm has fewer than 75employees and no human resource manager. Could it possibly provide moreextensive orientation than that decribed here? How? What low-cost improvements,if any would you recommend?

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