The following is a compiled list of odd network behaviors reported by network engineers and system administrators of OWDSI: Network traffic analysis shows that a single host is opening hundreds of secure shell (SSH) sessions to a single host every minute. Network traffic shows that hundreds of hosts are constantly sending only synchronized (SYN) packets to a single web server on campus. A system administrator reports that a single host is attempting to log on to a campus SSH server using different user name and password combinations thousands of times per day. A new PDF-based exploit is announced that uses a malformed PDF to exploit Microsoft Windows XP systems. Campus users are receiving e-mails claiming to be from the campus helpdesk. The e-mails ask for users to send their user names and passwords to retain access to their e-mails. A domain name system (DNS) changer malware package has been located on one of the servers. A JavaScript vulnerability is being used to exploit browsers via ad networks on major news sites, resulting in systems being infected with malware. A zero-day vulnerability has been announced on the primary campus backup software’s remote administration interface. A virus is being sent via e-mail to campus users.


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