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The Clarion School for Boys, Inc. – Milwaukee Division. Mak

    The Clarion School for Boys, Inc. – Milwaukee Division. Making Information Systems Investments.pdfStudy the link above. The case study provides an exampleof the practical and political difficulties encountered in IS planning and alsoprovides an example of assessing current IS resources.Develop a detailed outline of along-range information system plan for Clarion—Milwaukee. A long-term plan should include thefollowing sections:Statement of precise objectives.Analysis of current and future environment, includingbusiness, information technology, and user information.Proposed information technology action plan, includinghardware, applications, personnel, network, and facilities.Resource and funding needs justification.Implementation plan.Organizational change.TrainingNote: special consideration shouldbe made to adoption of innovative, emerging, or IT trends. Outline should be 3-4 pages, well-written, and in conformity with APA formatting. Label each section clearly.

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