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The assignment is for Composition 1 writing an annotated bib

    The assignment is for Composition 1 writing an annotated bibliography for the research question: Should government agencies such as the National Security Agency be granted to permission to spy and surveillance United States citizens?Here is the word for word instructions for the assignment:Students will construct an introduction (250-300 words) that (1) summarizes the discussions about the topic, and based on the students’ new understanding of the conversations over time,  (2) generate a research question that propels further research. Students will then construct an annotated bibliography. For each of the 6 sources, students will construct (1) an MLA bibliographic entry, (2) a summary paragraph, and (3) a rhetorical analysis including historical context. (250-300 words total for both paragraphs.I’ve already completed the introduction and the annotated bibliography is all that is left. I’ve attached what I’ve completed so far, there’s one source and I need 5 more as the instructions describe.Comp Projet 1 Intermediate Draft.docx

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