The assignment does’t have word count, you need only to follow the structure of the question and respond properly

I’m stuck on a Marketing question and need an explanation.

The goal is to show me your thinking, not what you can memorize or search for in a book or on the internet.

Test parameters. Read them carefully.

  • Unlimited time.
  • Unlimited attempts.
  • You can see all questions at once.
  • You may work with others.
    • You may NOT submit the same responses, nor use the same examples.
      • If you do, you will receive no mark for the entire question
    • You must provide the name(s) of those with whom you work with
      • If you fail to do so may result in a 0 grade on the test or on specific questions.
  • You may access the internet to find examples only, but be sure to provide links to the source
    • You may NOT use examples found in the course materials or discussed in class
    • You may NOT copy or paraphrase rationale from the internet to support your answer
      • If you do, you will receive no mark for the entire question


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