This is an assignment that focuses on the application of practice approaches skills assignment. The paper is in to parts discussing the various approaches.,The application of practice approaches skills assignment,Assignment Overview:, You will be using the skills application assignment to help apply the practice approaches and techniques that you have been presented this semester. The first portion of this assignment will be video and transcription of a mastery of skills you have obtained within this course and the second portion is a reflection paper that allows you to display your knowledge and critique your skills.,Part I: Knowledge Review and Video, For Part I of this assignment, you will complete a four to six-page knowledge review paper and video displaying your understanding of some of the skills contained in the second half of the coursework. Please review the step by step instructions for the knowledge review and video portion of this assignment below:,Knowledge Review (12 points),Please select ONE of the practice approaches we discussed during weeks 7-12 and ONE of the offered case studies (appendix A) to complete this portion of the assignment., Provide a description of your selected approach and the evidence supporting its use., Firstly, discuss the founders of the approach, early influences of the approach, skills/techniques/interventions employed by the approach, appropriate populations that would benefit from the approach, and how should this approach be adapted for use with children and adolescents. (3 points),Please include three (3) ,empirical sources, in your review of the literature. (3 points), Secondly, discuss the over-arching perspective from which this practice approach derives. Keep in mind that a perspective is a way of perceiving the world from a value position., Thirdly, discuss why you might intervened with your selected case study client from this perspective and approach; please consider the theoretical basis for this approach when answering this question. (2 points),Fourthly, identify how the skills/techniques/interventions in this approach might impact your client(s); what are the expected outcomes? (1 points), Then, describe how you would engage the client(s) in your session according to your selected approach. Be mindful of establishing a sound therapeutic relationship that is consistent with your selected approach. (1 point), Lastly, discuss the client’s culture and identify their strengths. Also, how does this particular approach address these elements in therapy? (2 points),Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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