Telling the Story,”The CEO has asked you to create a stakeholder report of the company’s overall health. Assemble the charts, graphs, interactive dashboards, and story points to narrate the data, provide context, and illustrate outcomes. This assignment will be the fourth and final step in&nbsp

your progressive project. You will use the Tableau (or Excel) workbook used in Units 2, 3, and 4.Note: Web resources should be reviewed prior to completing this assignment.Customer Ranking: Create a customer ranking bar chart with Sales in the columns and Customer Name for rows. Create an action filter on region, and include additional filters for YEAR(Order Date), Segment, Category, Region, and Order Date (continuous, exact date). Color code AGG(Profit Ratio), add SUM(Profit) as a Tooltip, and add SUM(Sales) to Detail (you will need to click on the drop-down arrow on the pill and select “”rank”” under “”Quick Table Calculation””). &nbsp


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