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Task:Your company has decided to automate the production of

    Task:Your company has decided to automate the production of parts from a magnesium alloy. The process is at the moment manual and is the same as that shown in the YouTube videoThis process shows a furnace containing moltenmagnesium alloy, a die caster and a place for the manufactured parts.It has now been decided to automate this process and you have been asked to develop some design concepts for the robot cell. You should consider three basic layouts for the robot cell, identify the advantages and disadvantages of each layout and then select the most suitable concept, explaining the reasons for your choice. For the design you have chosen, you need to develop a full robotic work cell, using basic hand sketches of the layout. These sketches should NOT be in RobotStudio but can either be floor plans or 3D sketches.. You will need to identify all the other equipment required including that for creating a safe working environment and produce a basic specification, including gates, fences etc. You must use the caster included in the original video as your company cannot afford to replace it.Reporting:You must hand in an INDIVIDUAL report that has the following layout.1) A brief outline of the task shown in the videoWhat is the aim of the task.What are the main design intent.How you intend to undertake the task in a mechanised way.2) Outline three different cell concepts of carry out the task, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Choose one method explaining why you made your choice.3) Develop your chosen system, identifying the required systems to create a functional work cell including any safety systems and the type/specification of robot required You should discuss the safety systems included in your design and why they are needed.4) A short discussion of the limitations of your design and how (if possible) it could be improved.As with all industrial reports the report must contain all necessary information but be as brief aspossible. If a 12pt font is used the document should be about 5 pages long not including any images.You must MEET every REQUIRMENT in the attachment please!!!

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