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TASK/ASSIGNMENT: Write your own obituary ofabout 300 words.

    TASK/ASSIGNMENT: Write your own obituary ofabout 300 words. There are Samples from the newspaper are attached (see the file attached). Anobituary is a newspaper story written when a person dies. A funeral homeor relatives inform the newspaper of the death and supply facts about aperson’s life. A journalist then writes up a short account of thedeceased person’s life. Obituaries (Obits) have a matter-of-fact tonealthough they often recount a person’s achievements and sometimes a person’s beliefs.You are to decide when your death will occur and what you will have done tothat point. For example.. Im now a student and my major is accounting (22 years old).. and I’m going to graduate in 2018 .. and my goals is to be a very successful women, having my own business, being a millionaire and very well known from my, lets say its now 2047 and I I died at the age of 52 .. write an imaginary achievements and good things I would’ve done at this time in my obituary. It should be from 250-300 words (Just one page)

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