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Task 1 Interfacing a 7-segment LED display (25 marks)7-segm

    Task 1: Interfacing a 7-segment LED display (25 marks)7-segment LED displays are commonly used in microcontroller applications. The datasheet for the SA05-11GWA LED display is attached. Your task is to ‘design’ an interface between the Atmel ATmega168 microcontroller and this particular display.1. Refer to the datasheet, pick out all the relevant interface data (this is a very important practical skill!) and list them. For each item describe/name the item and explain why it is relevant to your interface design. Give values where appropriate.Note: Make sure you get details of the right model, and that you also consider the microprocessor’s interface ratings.2. Produce a circuit diagram with details of all elements required to allow the processor to drive this particular LED display properly. You should provide copies of the datasheets for any elements you may choose to include in your design (except passive elements such as resistors and capacitors).3. Describe how your circuit elements address the interfacing requirements. Please ensure that you consider both the Atmega168 and LED display requirements / specifications, and justify any decisions made, including any calculations if required.4. Write a C subroutine that will enable the display of the digits ‘0’ to ‘9’ and characters ‘A’ to ‘F’ (for hex numbers) on the LED display (specified by a parameter passed to the subroutine). Note: Assume you are using the NerdKit as in the labs.5. Write the assembler code for the Atmel ATmega168 that would display the number ‘0’ on the LED display if the value of the parameter in register R5 is zero.

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