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Senator Presentation

    I’ve already done Part One to this assignment. Need help with Part Two.    Assignment Three The research project for this term is a profile of Senator from either major party. The project is divided into two components, a preliminary… Read More »Senator Presentation


      From the weekly readings and e-Activity, analyze the key influences that the theoretical and practical aspects of public leadership may exert upon a public leader’s performance. Provide two (2) examples of these influences to support your response.From the weekly readings… Read More »LDRSHP WEEK 10


        Assignment 4: Public Leadership Presentation Condense information from Assignments 1, 2, 3, and additional criteria in order to develop a creative and appealing PowerPoint presentation. Incorporate the professor’s feedback from Assignments 1, 2, and 3 in order to proficiently develop… Read More »LAW ASSIGNMENT 4

        LAW WEEK10 DISC1

          The attorney-client privilege is an important part of the client-lawyer relationship. Discuss the extent that the public records or open meeting laws should override the privilege.In the text, the section of “Insincerity Seemingly Is Rewarded in the Adversarial System” gives… Read More »LAW WEEK10 DISC1

          LAW WEEK9 DISC2

            After reading the case summary, People v. Howard, if you were an Illinois state legislator, would you support a bill in response to People v. Howard that provides that only conduct specifically prescribed by a state statute may be a… Read More »LAW WEEK9 DISC2

            LAW WEEK9 DISC1

              espite widespread cynicism about public ethics, students are likely to agree that a rule of law depends on the perceived legitimacy of public officials and that legitimacy is impossible without widespread ethical behavior. Discuss with supporting example what can be… Read More »LAW WEEK9 DISC1