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Tab 1 My Profile&nbsp Autobiography – Complete a brief au

    Tab 1: My Profile  Autobiography – Complete a brief autobiographical sketch of yourself including your experience working with children and an explanation of your desire to work in the field of early childhood education. Career Goals – Describe your career goals for working in the field of Early Childhood Education. Preferred Age Group – Describe the age range of children you prefer to work with including yourrationale for choosing this group. Birth to 3 years oldTab 2: My Philosophy  Theory – Discuss your beliefs about how young children learn. Explain which theory(ies) you mostconnect with in regard to children’s learning. Approach to Teaching – Explain which teaching approach (Montessori, Reggio, etc.) you most alignwith.  Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) – Explain what the term developmentally appropriatepractice means to you. Tab 3: My Practice  Developmental Domains – Describe the developmental domains in which you have the strongestfoundation. Discuss how this internship experience would strengthen your understanding ofdevelopmental domains. Please be specific.AB CEarly Childhood CenterPlease no copying and list your references

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