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Supposeyour college or organization is considering a new pro

    Supposeyour college or organization is considering a new project that wouldinvolve developing an information system that would allow all employeesand students/customers to access and maintain their own humanresources-related information, such as address, marital status, taxinformation, and so on. Themain benefits of the system would be a reduction in human resourcespersonnel and more accurate information. For example, if an employee,student, or customer had a new telephone number or e-mail address, he orshe would be responsible for entering the new data in the newsystem. The new system would also allow employees to change their taxwithholdings or pension plan contributions.Identifyfive potential risks for this new project, being sure to list somenegative and positive risks. Provide a detailed description of each riskand propose strategies for addressing each risk. Document your resultsin a two-page paper.

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