Substance Abuse 4120 Marijuana Law (New Mexico)

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This paper should be about three (3) pages long in a size 12 font with a 1.5 space between lines. In APA format. That means the body of the content needs to be about three pages long not including the cover sheet, Abstract page and the source cited page. It should be justified to the left side of the paper. Sources should also be cited in the body of the paper. If you are using the class book, simply use the title of the book one time and then the page number will be enough. This allows the reader to go to seek more information if wanted.


The content of the assignment is to define your thought and opinions on legalizing marijuana for recreational use and medicinal use and define if your State (NEW MEXICO) is currently allowing it. Then define your thoughts on the pros and cons of legalizing it, then defend your opinion. At the end of the paper, the last paragraph should be if through the research you did, did your opinions change or not and why.


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