Study Hypothesis

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For this assignment, you will submit one of your hypotheses generated during the in-class activity, along with a summary of one empirical (peer-reviewed) article. Your response must include:

  • Your hypothesis
  • Operational definitions for all variables in your hypothesis
  • A summary of a peer-reviewed article that is related to your hypothesis, which must be:
    • Written in scientific style
    • At least 1/2 page but no more than 1 page
    • In your own words (no direct quotes)
    • Turnitin score less than 10%
    • Include more than just information from the abstract
  • APA-format reference for the peer-reviewed article

The topic that we were studying to generate the hypothesis is: Age, Exercise and Self esteem


1. Persons who exercise have a higher self esteem

2. Persons who have a higher self esteem tend to exercise

*You can create a better hypothesis that incorporates all (age exercise and self esteem)*

Must use a peer reviewed article

*The peer reviewed article must match the hypothesis*

Please use simple grammar as my first language is not English

No plagiarism, the objective of this assignment is to summarize the article without using plagiarism.


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