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A formal essay that analyzes or critiques a specific theme or idea from the assigned course readings

    Students will write one formal essay of 8 to 10 pages (excluding cover and reference pages) that analyzes or critiques a specific theme or idea from the assigned course readings. This is an academic essay. This is not simply a reader-response paper. This essay can focus on any of the text(s) covered in the course. However, due to the brief length of the required essay, students are not encouraged to analyze more than two of the course’s longer primary texts or three to four poems, at most.

    This essay should focus on a specific and original argument and clearly compare and contrast the themes and techniques found in each literary work. Additional sources are required. These secondary texts should be critical, theoretical, and/or historical in nature, although the most informed essays usually utilize all three options. However, students’ careful analysis of the text(s) is paramount. Secondary sources should be used as a buttress to students’ critically formed thoughts about the text(s). All citations must conform to APA conventions.

    Notice: This is NOT a composition class. Students are expected to meet all essay standards without required drafts and peer reviews. The Final Essay must: Be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length and formatted according to APA style. Include a title page with the following: Title of paper student’s name course name and number instructor’s name due Date of AssignmentDevelop an introductory paragraph that includes a succinct thesis statement. Address the topic of the paper with critical thought. End with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis statement and provides an interesting closing for your reader. Use at least five literary resources, including a minimum of three from a Library.

    Document all sources in APA style 6th edition. Below is my topic and attached is the work I have done thus far I could use some help, please! literary analysis Paper Topic: A comparative analysis of poetry by Paul Laurence Dunbar and Langston Hughes from the textbook which has a similar theme and was written from the late 19th century and onward. Comparing and contrasting how each of these poets uses the literary conventions of rhythm, alliteration, assonance, and imagery to convey the unique experience of African Americans in the turmoil of the period. The focus of my paper is on the elements that are significant to compare that exhibit the individual style of its author and how it belongs to the school of Modernism.

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