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student one..(D R)As many of you already know, I was not tau

    student one..(D R)As many of you already know, I was not taught a thing about sex education when I was growing up. It was just atopic that was not brought up, either because my parents were uncomfortable talking about it, or because they believed if they brought it up, I would go against their wishes and start having sexual relations behind their back. Their choice not to discuss this topic is unbeknown to me. What my father did teach me from the time I was a child was how to treat a woman. Doing things like pull out a chair for my mom or sisters, ask about their day and be nice even when I wanted to pull their hair out. He taught me how to be a man, take responsibility for my own actions, and showed me through his own relationship with my mom, not to beat a woman or argue with your partner in front of the kids. If he gave me permission to do something and my mom later found out and disagreed, he would take my moms side every time. He would pull me aside and tell me that they were one unit and I will later grow up and leave the nest while he remained. Therefore, he would have her back no matter what.Not having this talk or education as a child, I have to agree with this article in that I believe it will help so many kids understand the difference between a healthy and safe sexual relationship as well as empower them to stand up for themselves and recognize the signs of an abusive relationship early on. I mentioned earlier in a post that many of my friends broke up with a girl because she would not ‘put out.’ That right there should tell a woman he is not the one for her. Active communication between the future sexual partners is important. One may want to wait based on sociocultural beliefs, family beliefs, or their own belief in that they are not yet ready to take that step. Children need to know that it is ok to wait. This education will prepare them sexually, emotionally, and psychologically for a future relationship with their partner. Not knowing the intentions of sexual partners has unfortunately led to rape and drugs in many young teenagers lives. They want to please the person they are with and one minute everything is fine and the next more is expected immediately. Young children need to understand that it is ok to say no and that No means exactly that, NO! I know that sounds stupid and one would think that should be something that does not need to be taught or discussed but it is. Teenagers who choose to be in a sexual relationship need to feel safe and not pressured or harassed into having sex before they are ready. They need to know it is ok to stand up for themselves and the parent(s) will have their back no matter what.I believe that some children, especially men, need to be taught empathy, kindness, and how a woman should treated. Not everyone grows up with a mom or dad to teach them these things. For a lot of young kids, the streets teach them everything they ‘think’ they need to know about life. For others, they are accustomed to abusive relationships and think it is the norm. Showing any kind of emotion or kindness is a sign of weakness in their eyes. These things need to be discussed and talked about with every young child in the class as to not single anyone out. Not only will it empower a young man or woman in having active communication in a sexual relationship, teach them how to have safe sex, recognize the signs of an abusive relationship, it will also teach them valuable lessons that will benefit them as they grow into adulthood.Student two..( CP)At first glance of reading the first two paragraphs I was saying to myself that this is already teaching young ladies at an early age how much power they have over men. Now I know that might seem a bit out of line but in my opinion that is the truth. I will admit to it if I was told I wasn’t getting none because of the way I was acting I would straighten up real quick.I can say I agree with the article I think the truth should be told from both aspects. Young men and women need to know what a healthy relationship is. The gender norms should be addressed and the barriers should be broke down. We tend to think that our kids wouldn’t be able to handle it or wouldn’t even want to think about our kids and sex. This education can be taught at a level to wear it will relate to youths and won’t make them feel embarrassed to discuss it. I agree it’s not enough education in schools where most sexual related issues are discussed and sometime conducted. If we can educate kids to the point they know if they are gay or depressed and feel comfortable about it than why is sex in details such an issue. The link listed has a lot of good information but mainly relates to African Americans. I will admit that this raised an eyebrow but when you look at the numbers of HIV positive people in America according to CDC. African Americans are most affected by HIV. I can understand why educational groups are important and specific to different ethnic groups due to how a particular disease effects that group.

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