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stryker overview.docx&nbspThis is the 2nd portion i want you t

    stryker overview.docx This is the 2nd portion i want you to continue from what you already started above.This time i will need 2 to 3 pages  by tuesday.It is a SWOT analysis  (The strengths) i would recommend looking at the 10- K report for Stryker Corp looking at their annual report for positive comments about the company.    The company  website could have some informationAnd the Target weeknesses again i would look at the 10-k report and also search for commentary.   Dont use the risk section of the 10-k .For tomorrow morning by 11 am I need a 1 page slide on striker corp with about 4 to 5 bullet points with graphics and about 2 mins worth of talking.   And add sides notes for the presentation.  Do not use any finances and also i would like it to be about where the company was founded and some of their early inventions as well as a few of the newer ones.  added a few photos.

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