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Strategies for Decision Making Why Critical Thinking Is Impo

    Strategies for Decision Making Why Critical Thinking Is ImportantLast week, you were asked to consider which stage ofcritical thinking you felt that you were in. This week, building off lastweek’s assignment and lecture, we know that employers are wanting more criticalthinking from their employees. From the perspective of the employer, why is itso important to have employees who can critically think? From your perspective,how has critical thinking helped you in the past, or how do you perceive ithelping you as an employee in the future? (Consider your dream job!)Your work should be at least 500 words, but mostly draw fromyour own personal experience. This should be written in first person and giveexamples from your life. Be sure if you are using information from the readingsthat you properly cite your readings in this, and in all assignments.

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