Species Level Response to Climate Change – due Monday

Directions : Polar bears are losing habitat rapidly as sea ice simply diminishes.  Read this short article for basic information about polar bears (http://assets.worldwildlife.org/publications/398/files/original/Effects_of_Climate_Change_on_Polar_Bears_fact_sheet.pdf?1345754206 ) and then research the current status of sea ice as the article was published years ago.  Do we have more or less sea ice now?  How can polar bears adapt to changing environments?  Write a four to five page paper regarding this issue.


The paper must be in proper APA format, have a references section, and site at least 2 peer reviewed articles.  Please use AAU’s LIRN Library to search for these articles.  You may utilize the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for a concise guide on how to use LIRN and for APA formatting guidelines.


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