You are expected to explore and research about the current trends in your specific Major (Health Promotion, Sport Management, Pedagogy, Leisure Studies), and the course for which you are substituting REC 489.

Write about professional organizations, certification criteria, and roles and responsibilities for certified professionals in your field and summary of the course for which you are substituting. Also indicate the ethical expectations, and legal guidelines in the practice of your profession. Your Professional Organization webpage will have all the current information in your field. Know your Profession and professional expectations as you aspire to practice soon.

Summarize the course in your major for which you are substituting with REC 489.

NOTE: Get a copy of the syllabus of the course or the course catalog description you are substituting 

Type, double spaced, Times Romans Font 12. Use Grammarly to check for grammar and spelling. Use APA style and citations. Write as much as you can. Number your pages and of course cite References of your Source.

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