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    #1. Joe spends $12 a week on coffee or $624 a year, what would be the future value of that amount over 10 years if the funds were deposited in an account earning 3 percent?#2. An ATM with a service fee of $2.50 is used by a person 50 times in a year for a total of $125 per year. What would be the future value in 10 years (use a 3 percent rate) of the annual amount paid in ATM fees?#3. Charles deposits $4,000 a year into her retirement account. If these funds have an average earning of 7 percent over the 40 years until her retirement, what will be the value of her retirement account?#4. Mr Big Bucks says he will pay you $60,000 now for annual payments of $10,000 that you are expected to receive for a legal settlement over the next 10 years. ÿWhat is the present value of this assuming the time value of the money at 8%?#5. Susan plans to reduce her saving (that is, she will spend more) by $70 a month. What would be the foregone future value of this reduced saving over the next 10 years? (Assume monthly cash flows, and an annual interest rate of 4 percent.)

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