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Some students have asked in the past, Does the factthat no

    Some students have asked in the past, ‘Does the factthat no shocks were actually administered make a difference?DIGGING DEEPER: The Milgram Experiment Revisited Take a look at this interesting article, in which the authorre-visited the Milgram experiment. (See attachment)As stated in NOW THAT YOU KNOW, HOW DO YOU FEEL?,’Milgram filmed the experiment and used this candid footage to edit a 45minute film called Obedience (Milgram, 1965). By far the longest fragment inthe film features a man called Fred Pozi and also in Milgram’s book of 1974 thesession with Pozi gets much attention….Milgram: But who was actually pushingthe switch? The fragment furthermore shows that Milgram refuses any explanationof the subject blaming the situation. Milgram individualizes the scene: who wasactually pushing the switch?’Please review the attached article and comment.

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