Sociology: Your Status Set, Roles, and Role Problems

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The text below (copied from Assignment Two in Blackboard) describes the structure requirements of your second assignment.

Your Status Set, Roles, and Role Problems

  1. Status Set
    • List five statuses that you currently have.
    • Label each status in your status set as ascribed, achieved, or master.
  2. Roles
    • Choose one status from your list.
    • Describe the role that is associated with the status.
    • Describe how you learned that role.
  3. Role Conflict
    • Describe a time when you experienced a conflict because of the demands of two different roles associated with any of your statuses.
    • How did you resolve the conflict? (Discuss any conversations or social interactions you had.)
    • List any active listening skills you used to resolve the conflict. If you didn’t use active listening skills, then list the skills you could have used to resolve the conflict.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Use the Assignment Two template, found on Blackboard, to complete this assignment.
  • References are not required for this assignment, as you will use your webtext.
  • Be sure to include your name and date on the cover page.


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