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Social entrepreneurship can take many forms from enterprises

    Social entrepreneurship can take many forms from enterprises that are totally dedicated to benefiting society to those which have as part of their mission to do business in a socially responsible manner. In all cases, creating social benefits has been part of their initial mission and vision, not a corporate value that was added later because it was “goodfor business.” Entrepreneurs who focus on social issues have to meet the same challenges as any entrepreneurs but also have some uniquechallenges.

    Identifyan enterprise which was developed under the umbrella of socialentrepreneurship. Examples of such enterprises include Edutopia, Everlane, TOMS Shoes, Grameen Bank, Seventh Generation, Safe PointTrust, One Acre Fund, and Teach For America. You may use any of these or find your own. Writea paper of approximately two pages in which you analyze the organization and its founder, responding to the following questions:

    How did the founder(s) identify a need for their enterprise?What are the vision and mission of the enterprise?What skills and personal characteristics did the founder(s) bring to the enterprise?What challenges has the enterprise faced/still faces?How successful has the organization been in fulfilling its vision and mission and why?

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