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Please view this video from week 3 on the three waves associated with the use of IT

    Short Answer: please view this video from week 3 on the three waves associated with the use of IT. Then, read the article on how smart, connected products are transforming companies Finally, read the article on how smart, connected products are transforming competition. Based upon the above video and articles, IT can be described as having three waves: automate individual functions, integrate value chains, and incorporate IT into product and service offerings.

    Give an example of each (automate, integrate, incorporate) for specific businesses and cite your sources. Internet sources are OK if you provide the hyperlink. You can use the same business for each of the 3 categories or different businesses for different categories. Presentation: Review the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analyses for all six cases here. Pick one of the six cases and read the complete business plan.

    Then, create a professional presentation suggesting how IT could be used to enhance the company’s strengths, lessen the company’s weaknesses, take advantage of the company’s opportunities, and/or mitigate the company’s threats. The same IT solution(s) might accomplish more than one objective in the business plan. In your presentation, please copy the SWOT analysis from the case and paste that on one of the slides. The presentation should include 2-4 slides to explain the case including an analysis of the characteristics of the institution in the case study.

    Please explain specifically how IT solves a problem and/or enables new options for the company. The total presentation should be about 8-10 slides, not including the title and reference slides. The reference slide should be in APA format. Internet references, as well as peer-reviewed journal articles, are fine. The references should include examples of other companies that have done something similar to support your recommendations. In-text citations are not required for this presentation. Use the resources below to help you with this week’s assignment. 

    This chapter explains how IT can be used to automate individual business functions. Chapter 10 – ‘Strategic Technology and Enterprise Systems’ Chapter 10 – Strategic Technology and Enterprise Systems.pptx – This chapter explains how IT can be used to integrate the functions in the value chain within a company. The chapter emphasizes systems that are used across the entire enterprise. Chapter 11 – ‘Data Visualization and Geographic Information Systems

    Chapter 11 – Data Visualization and Geographic Information Systems.pptx – This chapter focuses on data visualization to help in making better decisions.Additional resources:Video: What Is a SWOT Analysis? explains analyzing an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). A SWOT analysis is often used in strategic planning. Article: Ultimate Guide to Conducting a SWOT Analysis.pdf explains how to do a SWOT analysis.Video: How NOT to Use PowerPoint gives humorous examples of what not to do in presentations.

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