Short Answer 1:Understanding the competitive environment is critical when developing a strategy. Using Porter’s Five Competitive Forces model from week one, choose a company and describe the five forces for that company. Do NOT choose a car company or a company that another student has already chosen. As an example, you can use page 4 of this Toyota case study. In your responses to other students, comment on whether you agree or disagree with their analyses and what you would add to their analyses.Research paper: Read the Starbucks’ case study. This case study uses Porter’s Value Chain and Five Forces models and a SWOT (strengths-weaknesses-opportunities) analysis to develop strategic recommendations. On page 7 of the Starbuck’s case study there are 10 recommendations. Choose 3 of the recommendations and identify how IT could be used as part of the implementation of that recommendation. Research in the library how other companies have done something similar for each of your 3 recommendations. Your paper should be at least 3 pages, not counting the title and reference pages. The paper must include at least 3 references from peer-reviewed articles in academic journals. Make sure you have in-text citations and a reference page. You can include additional references from websites and books. The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment link.Use the resources below to help you with this week’s assignment.Read the following chapters in the textbook:Chapter 6 – ‘Attracting Buyers with Search, Semantic, and Recommendation Technology’ Chapter 6 – Attracting Buyers with Search, Semantic, and Recommendation Technology.pptx- This chapter discusses technology to make buying recommendations to customers. This technology may be applicable to the Starbucks’ case and will be referenced again on the week five discussion board.Chapter 7 – ‘Social Networking, Engagement, and Social Metrics’ Chapter 7 – Social Networking, Engagement, and Social Metrics.pptx- This chapter discusses social networking technologies used by companies like Starbucks. Chapter 8 – ‘Retail, E-commerce, and Mobile Commerce Technology’ Chapter 8 – Retail, E-commerce, and Mobile Commerce Technology.pptx- This chapter discusses e-commerce and mobile technologies that enable companies like Starbucks to expand their reach in the marketplace.Review Paper: Please find the question in the below attachment.

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