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Service Is Everybody’s Business

    Post 1 Read the article in Module 2: “Service Is Everybody’s Business.” Summarize the main point of the article in 15 words or less. This article is several years old. Give three reasons why you think this article is more or less relevant now than it was when it was written. Justify your thinking. What is a business that you think offers exceptional service currently? (Note: Not a fast food business.)

    Describe some aspect of their service that is exceptional. Discuss which of the five dimensions of service quality you think makes their service exceptional. What is a potential problem of this business increasing its customer’s expectations? Post 2 Read the article in Module 2: “A New (Cheaper) Frontier Airlines.” Summarize the main point of the article in 15 words or less.

    This article seems to suggest something contrary to the idea of providing exceptional service. How does a business decide if providing exceptional service is an appropriate strategy or not for them? Review the replies your peers made in Post 1. Choose one of their businesses that offer exceptional service. Do you think that the provision of exceptional service by your peer’sbusiness is an appropriate strategy for them? Why or why not?

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