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Select three topics below and post an original thread of 350

    Select three topics below and post an original thread of 350 to 400 words each in this week’s discussion forum. (20 points) What are some of the ways that defects can be introduced, and why or why won’t a defect result in a failure? What is a defect, and why is it important to find defects as early as possible in the software development life cycle? Discuss the concepts of risk, phase containment and cost behavior within your post. Describe at least five objectives of testing and provide an example of each. Review and discuss the seven testing principles. Include practical examples of each principle. Describe the five core test activities that occur within the test process. Why are they important? Compare and contrast the different mindsets that testers have versus software developers. What approaches do you recommend to help bridge the gap between the two? Describe the traits of a good tester. Who is responsible for testing and quality for a given software development project? In your response make sure you address the following: Discuss the various roles/job titles that could be involved in a software development project and their potential responsibilities to ensure a quality product. Present your analysis in a well-developed PowerPoint presentation. NOTE: You must use the APA in-text citation format to credit the author and include a properly formatted reference list.

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