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Select a passage from the reading that you think is importan

    Select a passage from the reading that you think is important (could be anywhere from onesentence to two paragraphs). Tell me why it is important.You write 2 pages on why the question you are posing is an important question and what motivates you toask it, or you spend those two pages analyzing the importance of the passage you selected. You may puttexts in conversation with one another; point out contradictions you see in the readings, etc. You shouldcite text to support your points. Please include a short summary of the text’s main argument.Contextualize your question in terms of topics we are discussing in class. The short response papersprepare you for class and help me understand how you are engaging the material. These are the essentialcharacteristics.please use MLA, and and at least 2 references, and also give me a short speech summary and i need to talk in the class, thank you very much!

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