Section One – Executive Summary – 5 points. Outline the key findings, challenges, and recommendations in summary form (1-2 pages). This should include a strong use of terms learned in class (e.g. “competitive advantage”).Section Two – Introduction/Background – 5 points. Answer the questions: When did they start/history? What is their primary business? (and briefly describe the industry) Who are its main competitors? Be concise and precise. (don’t copy/paste off its website or Wikipedia.) Approximate page length = 1 page.Section Eight – Mental Map – outline root cause, accompany with a narrative – 10 points. Section Nine – Best Solutions – 10 points.List what you believe to be the best 3 solutions/strategies. Rank order them. Label each solution by its strategy name (ex: horizontal integration). List the 3 pros and 3 cons of each strategy.THE project restaurant is Texas roadhouse !!!!!!!!!!! there have a example document u can see. don’t copy from website

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