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School violence is of growing concern to law enforcement and

    School violence is of growing concern to law enforcement and almost never occurs without warning. Examine the main motivation(s) of school violence and give your opinion as to what the schools should do to prevent school violence. Provide a rationale for your response.Imagine that you are the director of the training academy for the police or sheriff’s department chief in your city. Develop the first three (3) steps of a plan which you would implement to ensure the department is properly trained for the possible occurrence of a workforce violence incident in your locality.RESPOND TO THE FOLLOWONG STATEMENT:School violence can be categorized as challenging matter that cannot be understood from a single perspective. The main reasons as to why school violence occurs is due to peer pressure, social background and biological nature. Most students will engage in violence as a way of proving their abilities to peers and to fit in some popular or feared groups within the school setting. On the other hand some children are brought up in violent surrounding and therefore the behavior grows in them since is something that they know best (Watson & Skinner, 2004). Most of these students will prefer to solve matters using violence rather than just communicating and settling their disputes since that what they have been taught by their social backgrounds. In addition if the parents have the tendency to be violent this behavior can be passed to the generations which promotes school violence. Schools can solve the issue of violence my providing training and education in regard to the subject (Watson & Skinner, 2004). This implies that schools can encourage and promote peaceful dispute resolutions and encourage communication.

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