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ScholarlySource AnalysisDue November 4, 2014at 12 p.m. ESTC

    ScholarlySource AnalysisDue: November 4, 2014at 12 p.m. ESTChoose one (1) of the seven sources required for researchpaper #2 and write a one page single-spaced Analysis of the source. Thescholarly source analysis should provide an analysis of the source’s mainargument, the effectiveness of the argument, weaknesses in the source’sargument, and the source’s contribution to the overall discussion of thepressing social issue chosen for research paper #2.Thescholarly source analysis will be a more detailed analysis than what you willcreate for the annotated bibliography assignment. Provide in-text citation forany quotations from the source that are incorporated into the scholarly sourceanalysis. The completed assignment will consist of the one page analysis and aworks cited page documenting the chosen source. Submit the final copy in theDesire2Learn “drop box” assignment portal. Late submission policies will beapplied to assignments submitted after the established deadline. Then this is the second part is due by Nov 7 pm EST……..NEED NO LATER THAN THAT, IF YOU CAN NOT DO IT JUST LEST ME KNOW TODAY….THANKSProposinga Solution ResearchPaper #2Due: November 7 2014 – NO LATER THAN NOV 7 EST…PLS LET ME KNOW asap…tHANKSWrite a 5 page double-spaced research paper on a pressing or controversial national issue focusingon a feasible solution for the issue. Choose a topic in which you can build onfor the research paper #2 (use the same topic from research paper #1). Researchconducted for research paper #1 has created a strong foundation for researchpaper #2. The “solution” research paper will require the use of seven (7)sources. All sources listed in the works cited page must be utilized in theresearch paper. Use credible scholarly sources that have established asufficient discussion of the issue even if they do not agree with your point ofview. Do not consult sources such as encyclopedias (encyclopedias only providea brief overview of the topic) or Wikipedia (very unreliable source). Internetsources must be approved. Supporting material (sources) in the AMSC Librarydatabases are perfectly fine. In-text citation and works cited entries must bestructured in MLA format. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result inan “F” grade. Turn in the final draft on the designated due date in theDesire2Learn assignment drop box. Late submission policies will be applied toresearch papers submitted late.   Length4-5 page double spaced research paper. Incorporatea minimum of seven sources (Other than the seven sources used in researchpaper #1).IncorporateMLA in-text citation.Usethird person point of view to avoid presenting materials in a biasedmanner.Writean introduction that identifies the controversy surrounding the subject orissue. Contextualize the issue by providing background information or itshistorical significance. State your position in the introduction. The introductionshould be at least 6-8 sentences.Addressboth sides of the issue. Avoid biased language by demonstrating yourknowledge of both sides of the argument.Acknowledgeweaknesses found in the opposing argument. Usethe rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos and pathos) to persuade your audienceto accept your position.Usestrong supporting materials to support your viewpoints.Createa works cited page of the sources used in the research paper.

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