Scenario:A large commercial corporation has witnessed a security breach of the network, and has found one laptop on the scene belonging to someone known to have the expertise for launching large-scale cyber-attacks against secure networks. The laptop and its data provide you with sources of physical and digital forensics evidence. Since the laptop was connected to the network, any communications involving the laptop could also provide you with some additional digital evidence. This commercial corporation’s Point of Contact (POC) has requested your computer forensics team provide investigative expertise in this matter in multiple areas. The investigative point of contact for this commercial corporation is confused concerning what constitutes a cybercrime case, the different types of digital evidence your team may be looking for, and what some of the general guidelines are in doing any forensic work.Questions:Examine what actions and tactics constitute a cybercrime and how law enforcement uses digital forensics to investigate this type of crime.Differentiate, at a high level, between the types of evidence associated with computer crimes: testimony, physical, and electronic evidence.Examine the types of digital forensic analysis and general guidelines for any forensic work.

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