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Scenario Imagine your team ishired to develop a Web site fo

    Scenario: Imagine your team ishired to develop a Web site for a nonprofit environmental protectionorganization concerned with air and water quality. Assignment:Turn in a short essayof approximately 3 to 4 pages (single space) that includes the followingcontent:1.  Identify the major content elements(e.g., advocacy, local data on water/air quality, local chapters, impact onfish, impact on human health, etc.) that you think should be presented on thisWebsite2.  Think about how you might providenavigation on this website using the four navigation schemes (topical,audience-splitting, metaphor, and organizational structure). Develop a sketchfor EACH navigation scheme to demonstrate your design and explain each designwith some text.3.  Discuss which navigation scheme is themost appropriate for this Web site4.  Develop a content structure tree forthe scheme that you choose as the most appropriate (The tree should have atleast three levels).All the content ofthe report must be neatly typed and printed. You may use Word, PowerPoint, Excel,Visio or other tools to generate the structure tree. The only content allowedto be manually drawn are the four design sketches. If you choose to manually drawthe sketches, make sure that your drawing is neat, detailed, and includesnecessary graphics. Points will be deducted for messy

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