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Review the Final Portfolio instructions found in WeekFive. T

    Review the Final Portfolio instructions found in WeekFive. This assignment will require you to assess your concept of self,your communication skills, strengths and weaknesses, challenges, andopportunities for growth. The draft should address the issues listed.The draft must be three to four pages in length (excluding title andreference pages) and formatted according to APA style. The draft mustcontain an introduction with thesis statement, at least three bodyparagraphs, and a conclusion. Identify at least four theories or modelsof communication you have studied in the course, and apply them to theforms of communication as noted in the Final Portfolio instructions inWeek Five (Interpersonal Communication, Group Communications, andOrganizational Communications). The three body paragraphs shouldindividually address each of the three forms of communication. You mustuse at least three scholarly resources to support your claims and sub claims. Citeyour resources in text and on the reference page. In this final assignment, you will assess your skills ininterpersonal, group, and organizational communications based on yourstudies of these forms of communication. Address each of these forms ofcommunication individually in the portfolio, assessing your overallskills in this area and then specifically addressing the issues listedbelow. Additionally, apply at least four of the theories or models ofcommunication you have studied in the course to these three forms ofcommunication. The list below must be addressed in the body paragraphsof your portfolio and must contain a clear point and relate back to thethesis statement.Interpersonal Communication:Your overall skills in this form of communication Your spoken language skills Your listening skills Your relationship skills Issues discussed in the Your Study of Communication Assignment Issues discussed in the Personal Constructs Paper Assignment Issues discussed in the Relationship Development Assignment Group Communications:Your overall skills in this form of communication Five characteristics that would describe you Group roles you play most frequently Are you all territorial? How do you show your territoriality? Do you have a large or small “personal space bubble”? How does this affect your communication with others? Families are groups with definite roles, structure, and norms. Analyze your family communication and your skills in this area. Organizational Communications:Your overall skills in this form of communication Issues related to work-content skills,personal attributes such as self-management, and technology skillsdiscussed in the Organizational Skills Assessment Assignment

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