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Review the Example andPractice sections of the Balanced Scor

    Review the Example andPractice sections of the Balanced Scorecard Module to practice readingand evaluating the information it presents.Complete the Assignmentsection of the Balanced Scorecard Module to evaluate the performance ofthe organization against established standards. Complete the following:Identify the performance gaps.Recommend actions to reduce performance gaps.Note. The Balanced Scorecard Module will give you an option to save your assignment in a document on your desktop.Balanced ScorecardAspect of Company PerformanceFactors to be ConsideredOrganizational GoalActual PerformanceGapsFinancialQuarterly Profit Results Return on Capital Employed$5,000 $4,000$6,000 $1,500INPUT GAPSCustomerCustomer Satisfaction Rate Customer Recommendation Rate (rate of new business generated by recommendations from existing customers)95% 80%95% 100%INPUT GAPSInternal ProcessesDuplicate Activities Across Functions (percent of the activities completed that are duplicated in another function) Process Bottlenecks (percent of the process that becomes bottlenecked in an average run cycle)25% 15%20% 15%INPUT GAPSPeople Innovation Growth AssetsEmployee Turnover Employee Job Satisfaction25% 90%0% 50%INPUT GAPS

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