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Respond to at least five of your classmates’ ideas, giving

    Respond to at least five of your classmates’ ideas, giving feedback and suggestions. This feedback is critical to the writing process, so be precise and offer constructive criticism that your peers can use to enhance their proposal. Each response should be at least 75-100 words in order to earn full credit. First classmate The interest and hobbies I have are diverse and numerous, so I’ve limited my reply to only four topics. TOPIC 1: Start a community garden I would like to start a community garden in the East Mountains that would be open seven days a week for residents of all ages and all experience levels. Utilizing the local Tijeras Library would be a key component of the successful start-up because it already has a prominent place in the community with good accessibility, parking, meeting space and appropriate location. I envision using the library on a weekly basis for 8-10 weeks followed by monthly usage thereafter. The first eight weeks would be utilized to literally start up the endeavor and the monthly meetings would serve to carry on the working project. Potential speakers would include the Chamber of Commerce for appropriate acreage and zoning, The Ag (agriculture) Department of UNM, the East Mountain Gardening Club, Schwabach Farm, the local farmer’s market, and FFA (Future Farmers of America). Potential objections to this type of presentation include similar groups already use this venue (East Mountain Garden Club), seasonal interest, intense use of space on Saturdays. TOPIC 2: NM Fiber Arts Tours This presentation is for the creation of tours to fiber producers throughout New Mexico. The speaker series would take place every eight weeks at the library with an alternate series for the actual facility tour. Presenters would include ranchers that raise the animals or crops used in fiber production, millers that refine the fiber into usable yarn, and artisan studios that utilize the fiber for their creations. I would also recruit help from the state tourism office. I would solicit funds from the state tourism office to provide expense reimbursement for the speakers traveling to the library to give their talks and promote people to visit their places of business. People who attend the talk could sign up (and pay for) a guided tour that includes transportation. For example, there are many wool producers in the Gallup area that use wool in traditional native weaving. I would very much enjoy hearing about this and then being able to travel with other like-minded people to tour the ranches, see demonstrations of weaving, have lunch and have someone else do the driving. Potential objections include this is a specialty hobby with limited members and that it could be perceived as a for profit endeavor not eligible to use a public library. TOPIC 3: Fitness in Your Fifties These weekly fitness presentations would encompass information from a variety of speakers geared to people in their fifties. A focus of recruiting local, subject matter experts in a wide range of fields would keep this series fresh, relevant and engaging. Staying or becoming fit as we age has been shown to improve people’s emotional and physical health. This no cost series would allow people of all income levels to participate in actively improving their health and well-being. Presenters would range from personal trainers, athletes, parks and rec senior affairs, NM Fish and Wildlife, and others (Dr. BArry Ramo?!). Objections may include gearing this to a specific age group, utilizing a week night meeting room and ensuring speakers are not promoting a business but rather providing information. TOPIC 4: Book Club What could be more natural than to meet monthly, at the library, to discuss a book? This particular book club would meet to discuss books by New Mexico authors and classics in literature. This presentation would benefit the members by engaging local authors as well as distinguished staff from universities and colleges. An objection that I foresee, and have a concern about, is that the speakers may only commit if a speaking fee was paid, which may pose a problem for the members. Second Classmate My topic is going to be on history of military warfare. The first subtopic would cover the past of military history. This includes blunders that could have had different outcomes and one of these is Custer’s Last Stand. For example Colonel Custer could have sent a small squad to see where the enemy was and have them report back to him. They could have told him how many indians were amassed against him and he could have relayed the information to his commanding officer. Who would have suggested that they split up the army in a way to ambush the indians and set up lines of defense against the indians. The battle would have been fought differently. The only reason Custer lost was he disobeyed a direct order form his commanding officer. Subtopic 2. present American entry into armed conflict of the middle east. In today’s battlefields the american forces are still being deployed although we have a strategic advantage over our enemies and this includes unmanned aerial drones capable of leveling an entire building. The thing that should not matter any more is collateral damage if you have a building full of enemy combatants but a handful of civilians we choose to go into the building room by room but this is not the best source or way to do it. How do we know the enemy didn’t rig the entire building to be demolished. I would advocate for the collateral damage because what is more important the lives of 100 civilians or 1000 or more enemy combatants. What I am saying is sacrifice the few to save the many. But this is a debatable topic. Subtopic 3. Future warfare We are doomed to repeat history if we cannot get along with allies and enemies who became our allies. Nato has helped us but we need a new way of updating the old NATO system. It would need to be brought into the new era of advanced weapons and fighters that have yet to be developed. We are deploying many new systems including the T.H.A.A.D missile defense system to combat North Korean Nuclear weapons. The world banned the use of testing nuclear bombs on our planets surface, however their are nuclear bombs that can be set up under a street or town and made to do a implosion instead of an explosion. Subtopic 4. Nuclear Warfare In today’s world we have entered what would have be the future of warfare and we have entered into the nuclear warfare option. If North Korea launches another nuke and it hits Japan, then the U.S.A has an obligation to defend our ally which means invading North Korea or wiping it of the face of the planet however if we do that we could launched into a global world war with china whose ally is still russia. Which means if we attack china or any russian allies we ourselves and our allies would be the targets for a massive nuclear world war and what would you do to survive in a nuclear war. Step 1 build a nuclear bomb proof shelter. Step 2 Gather as much food and medicine as you can fit into the bunker. In a nuclear war you aren’t going to pay for any of the stuff you take because the local and state forces would be decimated along with the government. Step three. Get a radio and a generator and plenty of gasoline for 30-50 years and listen to the radio for any other survivors communications. Step 5. Brave the outdoor conditions and look for food that was not iraddiated by a nuclear explosion. Step 6. Look around the wreckage of cities and towns for any spare supplies and establish outposts in various areas and look for other people so you could build an army and help others and rebuild the world as the world’s nuclear arsenals would have been emptied by the recent conflict. As Enstein put it World War 3 would be fought with nuclear bombs and World War 4 would be fought with sticks and stones. If the world would put aside its differences than we could reach the various stars that surround the SOL System and we could explore the Galaxy. I strongly believe humanity will one day visit the next solar system and the next and it could be the next 300 years when we finally explore the whole glaxy. It could even be 600 years before we reach another galaxy but in reality we need to keep dreaming because even on distant planets we would still need military leaders and personnel to protect us from alien life that we have no idea exists or doesn’t The military has come along way and I would love to be on a ship heading to word other places around the galaxy or even another galaxy. I may know military history but even that doesn’t compare to the unique discovers just waiting outside our own solar system. To quote Star Trek: ‘Space: The final frontier These are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise Its continuing mission To explore strange new worlds To seek out new life and new civilizations To boldly go where no one has gone before.’ Third Classmate Subtopic 1 Jackie Chan teaches Hapkido. Hapkido is a Korean martial art that is used for self-defense. Hapkido mainly employs joint locks, kicks and punching as well as various traditional weapons like knives and swords. Jackie Chan would teach this one because he is a black belt in Hapkido. Subtopic 2 Steven Seagal teaches Aikido. Aikido is that weird slap style martial art Seagal does in his movies that uses the enemies body weight against them. Although the name sounds similar to the last sub topic, this one is actually of Japanese origin. Steven Seagal is a 7th dan; black belt hall of fame entry in Aikido. Subtopic 3 Jean-Claude Van Damme teaches Karate Karate being a more common martial art that we’ve all seen. It is Chinese and it is more of a striking art using punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open-hand techniques. Van Damme is a 2nd degree black belt. Subtopic 4 Chuck Norris teaches taekwondo. Is a Korean martial art, characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. Norris is an 8th degree black belt. The violence factor shouldn’t be cause for objection, these are simply educational lessons and because these are all old washed up actors I’m sure they’ll work for cheap. Fourth Classmate I see on the news and on Facebook constantly how there are nannies out there that abuse children. Therefore, I would not just hire anyone off the street that came in looking for a job. If they past all the requirements for the job I would still test them out for a week or two to be sure that they were good with the kids and that they wouldn’t hurt them. I would also have cameras up everywhere that way while the parents are at work they could look in at the daycare and see how their child was doing. Depending on how big of a space I get I may consider having different activities throughout the week. One day of the week we can do gymnastics and then another day we can do a sports day and do a different sport every time that day. Another thing we could do is music and get different instruments and play them. Lastly, we could do show and tell one day of the week and pick a letter and they must bring something in that starts with that letter. Fridays, I would keep available that way we can plan new things on that day like going to the Zoo, Aquarium, or Expolra. It wouldn’t be cheap and I know I must work out all the costs for everything including expenses and insurance but this is what I am passionate about and would love to accomplish hopefully soon Fifth Classmate That being said, I would propose a presentation about the challenges and rewards of being a stay at home dad. I know from experience how difficult raising children can be especially when you add multiple children to the equation. I feel I could help a lot of men who are considering putting their carriers on hold to fully dedicate them selfs to raising a family. I really can not think of any objections to my proposal. I could talk for days about different challenges I have faced in the last ten years, and could offer advice. Family first and you cant go wrong.

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