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RESEARCH/TERM PAPER: The student will be required to submit

    RESEARCH/TERM PAPER: The student will be required to submit a research (term) paper on a contemporary legal issue. A list from which to make a selection may be found on the last page of this syllabus. Deadline for submission is contained in the attached calendar. The research (term) paper must contain a bibliography with at least three references and conform to APA Style. Additional requirements: seven to ten pages; double spaced; and typewritten. Nature: analytical or position (opinion) or combination of the two. The student is asked not to paperclip or use folders/binders but to staple the top left hand corner to fasten. Assessment rubric: research (20%); critical thinking (20%); source evaluation (20%); organization (20%); and composition (20%).TOPICS FOR RESEARCH PAPERSelect one of the following:[ ]Accountants’ Duty of Care[ ]Limiting Professionals’ Liability[ ]The Ultramares Rule and Liability to Third Parties[ ]The Sarbanes – Oxley Act of 2002[ ]Liability of Accountants Under Securities Laws[ ]Potential Criminal Liability of Accountants[ ]Confidentiality and Privilege Requirements for ProfessionalsReminder: Term paper due April 20, 2017.

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