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My topic is:

My major is communications but I am leaning towards more Public Relations. My minor is going to be Marketing. I would love to get into Public Relations or marketing in the fashion industry. I have a huge passion for fashion. In the future, I will be working for a luxury band whether its for Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Dior. I want to make the fashion industry a better place. I want to help these companies evolve. Multiples companies like Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, and Gucci have been accused of cultural appropriation. I think the industry, especially in the executive positions, needs more diverse people. Fashion racism is everywhere. From the corporates office to the window displays to the magazines to the runway. These big-name brands are constantly having scandals of cultural appreciation/ Racism. Fashion companies need to start evolving. It is the 21st century. The brand Louis Vuitton welcomed Virgil Abloh to be their newest designer in March 2018 and he is the first African descent to lead the menswear line.

thats my topic^^^ and i will give u all the milestones2,3,4,6.


Conduct a search using both internet and library database resources. You must use at least three sources, one of which must be from the library database. Keep track of these sources! You will need to include a properly formatted reference slide at the end of your presentation. (Milestone 3)


Create a NARRATED PowerPoint presentation that contains between 12 to 18 slides. You must add your voice using the narration feature in PPT. Include the following:

  • Title Slide (1 slide) – include your name and the presentation title (Milestone 1) and in the file’s name.
  • Introduction Slide (1 slide) – should be something catchy and explain why this issue/ position is important to you personally. (Milestone 2)
  • Body/ Content Slides (8-14 slides) – must be factual, interesting, well organized, and presented clearly. Slides should not contain full sentences/paragraphs. Slides should not be excerpts of another presentation from your disciplines procedures e.g. HIPPA. IT MUST BE YOUR ORIGNAL WORK; not a canned or published presentation.
  • Summary Slide (1 slide) – may also include a way for others to get involved, help, or get more information.
  • Reference Slide (1 slide) – must be in APA style and be a minimum of 3 resources (one from BC Online library). When including hyperlinks in the reference list, they must be hyperlinked. (Milestone 3). Check line spacing, indentation, and format. If your submitted work has errors, you will not receive full credit.
  • The D2L system cannot handle emails & attachments more than 20 MB. So, “Zip” the file to reduce the file size.
  • Also, if the images are too large even after the file or the zip file, you can take a screen shots of the images (a tool you learned previously in the course) and insert the screen shots into the PPT document, which would be much smaller in file size.

PowerPoint Elements:

Include the following PowerPoint elements:

  • Apply a single theme or design template.
  • Apply a transition to each slide.
  • Do NOT use animation.
  • Provide at least one hyperlink to a video or useful online article.
  • Use at least 5 open royalty-free or proper usage paid for licensed images (graphic art, photos, shapes, etc.). I CAN PROVIDE SOME OF THESE PICTURES.
  • Use smart art at least one time.
  • Include an original chart/ graph (not a graphic of a chart copied and pasted from somewhere else). (Milestone 4)
  • Include a footer on each slide with the slide number and MY LAST NAME WHICH i will provide once you select this project


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