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Research Paper on Cyber warfare and Cyber Terrorism within t

    Research Paper on Cyber warfare and Cyber Terrorism within the internationalcommunityThe topics that need to be discussed are ‘What is the internationalcommunity doing to prevent, deter and disrupt Cyber warfare and cyberterrorism?’ which focus on cyber and governmentPaper is a minimum of 5000 words with 10 resources.  References pages,long quotes or lists do not count.A minimum of 10 peer reviewed resources (5 have been provided with theirreferences listed below, these five must be used)Cyberpower and National Security:Policy Observations. American ForeignPolicy Interests, 35, 59-59. Lifland, A. Cyberwar. Harvard International Review, 33, 7-8. Melnitzky, A. Defending AmericaAgainst Chinese Cyber Espionage Through the Use of Active Defenses. Cardozo Journal of International &Comparative Law, 20, 537-570. Moore, S. Cyber Attacks and theBeginnings of an International Cyber Treaty. North Carolina Journal OfInternational Law & Commercial Regulation, 39, 223-257. Piggin, R. The Reality of CyberTerrorism. Engineering & Technology,5, 36-38. Finished product cannot score more than 24% on plagiarism analysis tool. Must utilize current draft [provided]as is, using the introduction to finishthe paper, and the abstract. Outline hasbeen provided for reference but not required to follow. Research Paper introduction.docxOutline2.docxThe Reality of Cyber Terrorism.pdfCyber Attacks and the Beginnings of an International Cyber Treaty. .pdfAmerica Defending America Against Chinese Cyber Espionage Through the Use of Active Defenses.pdfCyberwar.pdfCyberpower and National Security Policy Observations.pdf

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