The essay must focus on Season of Migration to the NorthClear Light of Day or Exit West. Your essay will run 4-5 pages, so it will be important to shape your focus so that you have a topic that you can discuss in depth in 5-6 pages. Once you choose a text and narrow your focus, you will develop an original, thesis driven paper that supports your analysis of the selected text with references to outside sources.

Your essay should include reference to at least two sources that are appropriate to the type of argument you decide to pursue. Everyone will investigate what other scholars have said about their chosen text by looking at literary criticism; additionally, you might research cultural, legal, or historical contexts, or you might explore how your subject is treated in different art forms (photographs, paintings, songs, films). Ideally, I would prefer if you apply some theoretical angle or a concept on the texts you’re examining. The research should help you to support your own argument; including research should not take the place of your own, original analysis of texts.

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